Friday Night.Live


Friday nights as they should be

At goRadio.Live, we are determined to present radio as it should be. As part of our commitment to making your Friday night a radio highlight every week, we present Friday Night.Live with Neil Butler.

Neil plays the kind of music you need to make your Friday night come alive. All the classic hits, shout outs, plus every now and again, a song that draws a response of “I haven’t heard that song for 40 years”!

Every Friday night, send through a text or WhatsApp message to 04 999 RADIO (0499 972 346) to arrange a shout out to the people you are with … or to those that you wish you were with. On the first Friday of the month, we take that one step further and make Friday Night.Live a request show – you can submit your requests for the next request show at any time by visiting the Friday Night Request Show page.

Friday 8:00pm – 11:00pm