The Donvale High School Virtual Reunion IV

And so, after receiving the requisite number of Likes on the goRadio.Live FB page it's on again. Friday 7 August. 8:00pm till midnight. Great music. Shout outs galore. Be part of it!

Since we are now all confined to barracks for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic period, we think that a fourth virtual school reunion for former students at Donvale High School is in order. This time, we'll be kicking off at 8:00pm on Friday 7 August and running through until midnight. We'll play songs that charted during the Donvale High School years - 1966 to 1988 (after that time the school was known as Mullauna College).

We'll be accepting requests from former students and teachers before the event and, as long as we have space in the playlist, maybe during the event as well. Click here to move down to the Shoutout and Song Request Form.

Please feel free to get in touch with Neil at or SMS / WhatsApp at 0499 9 RADIO (0499 972 346) for more information.

How will I be able to listen / participate on the night?

goRadio.Live broadcasts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week - for most of that time, it is back-to-back-to-back-to-back classic hits throughout the day and night. Very limited advertising (a couple of ads at the top of each hour) and outside of our Coronavirus period breakfast program, Breakfast.Live,  no announcers either.

You can always listen via this web site on your mobile device or computer (use the play button in the top menu) or better still, download the FREE app from the App Store or Google Play and listen that way. Even Alexa knows how to "Play Go Radio Dot Live" if you ask her nicely.

During the Virtual Reunion, we'd love you to listen and communicate via SMS / WhatsApp at 0499 9 RADIO (0499 972 346) for more information.

Shout Out and Song Request Form

Sorry - requests for Friday 7 August are now closed. Make sure you have this event in your diary!

If you want to make contact with Neil in the studio during the event, your best bet is to send through an SMS or WhatsApp message to 0499 9 RADIO (0499 972 346). Emails to and comments on our social media will also be monitored but can't guarantee that they will get noticed during the program ... there's only so much one person can do!