Introducing RegionalRadio.Live


As you have probably worked out by now, goRadio.Live and our parent company, Untypical Media have a great affinity with, and affection for, regional Australia. The “G” in our name stands for Geelong, so regional Australia is literally part of our name! We are, therefore, thrilled to introduce you to our latest special event program – RegionalRadio.Live. Think Friday Night … Read More

Locations Countdown


Coming up on Friday 12 March, our countdown will feature Neil’s choice of the best 30 songs that mention a location in their title. Put it in your diary NOW!

1: Flame Trees – Cold Chisel


Entered Charts: Entry Point: Highest Chart: Weeks In: Watch On YouTube: Click here Happily an Australian band at number one – the mighty Chisels. Celebrating – if that’s the right word – life in regional Australia in the early to mid 1980s. I was living in regional Australia at that time and get what Don Walker was trying to say … Read More

2: Going Home (Theme from “Local Hero”) – Mark Knopfler


Entered Charts: 16 June 1983 Entry Point: 35 Highest Chart: 23 Weeks In: 7 Well, it had to be, didn’t it? It is a rare program that I present – usually one with a specific theme – that doesn’t end with this most magnificent piece of music. Written and performed by Mark Knopfler to play over the closing titles of … Read More

3: Islands In The Stream – Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers


Entered Charts: 13 October 1983 Entry Point: 33 Highest Chart: 1 Weeks In: 29 Another one that might be a little daggy and unexpected but come on be honest, you can’t help singing along can you? Written by Barry Gibb during a period when he was writing for a number of other artists including Barbra Streisand, it merges a little … Read More

4: Romeo & Juliet – Dire Straits


Release Date: 9 January 1981 Entry Point: N/A Highest Chart: N/A Weeks In: N/A A lovestruck Romeo sang the streets a serenade Laying everybody low with a love song that he made Finds a streetlight, steps out of the shade Says something like, “You and me, babe, how about it?” How this never made the charts amazes me. Several singers … Read More

5: One Perfect Day – Little Heroes


Entered Charts: 5 May 1982 Entry Point: 33 Highest Chart: 6 Weeks In: 12 What a beautiful and delightful, gentle and reflective song this is. A one hit wonder by Australian band Little Heroes, it contrasts beautifully with much of the rock and new wave stuff that was being released in 1982. There’s not much more to say … a … Read More

6: Crying – Don McLean


Entered Charts: 19 March 1980 Entry Point: 30 Highest Chart: 17 Weeks In: 10 Very occasionally, a song is re-recorded and comes out sounding better than the original. This is one such occasion. Don McLean who had been for so long exclusively linked to American Pie pulled this one out in early 1980 and, in my mind, out-arranged and out-sang, … Read More

7: Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler


Entered Charts: 19 April 1983 Entry Point: 40 Highest Chart: 1 Weeks In: 14 Another song like Alone a couple of songs ago – big and anthemic (is that even a word?). Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler had enjoyed some success prior to Total Eclipse but voice issues had seen her come back with a totally different, raspier sound. This epic … Read More

8: You Weren’t In Love With Me – Billy Field


Entered Charts: 16 September 1981 Entry Point: 24 Highest Chart: 1 Weeks In: 14 In 1981, Billy Field stormed into the Australian charts with a jazzy kind of sound with an album and single called Bad Habits. His sound stood out from the crowd and when he released his second single – the heartfelt You Weren’t In Love With Me … Read More