19: I Am The Walrus – The Beatles


Entered Charts 13 December 1967
Entry Point 14
Highest Chart 1
Weeks In: 15

What an amazing song, what an amazing collection of images presented in a way that only John Lennon could imagine (pun intended). For many, this is their number one Beatles song of all time. For others, it is doesn’t rank in their top 50 Beatles songs.

I can tell you that it isn’t my number 1 Beatles song but I really, really like it. Part of the soundtrack of Magical Mystery Tour, it was yet another example of the Beatles pushing the boundaries of creativity – something that they were able to do once they stopped touring.

There are some who say that Magical Mystery Tour was the beginning of the end for the group – I disagree. There was still at least one more exceptional album to come and it will feature closer to the end of the countdown.

Goo goo g’ joob