18: I’ll Be Gone – Spectrum


Entered Charts: 11 March 1971
Entry Point: 32
Highest Chart: 10
Weeks In: 15
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Mike Rudd arrived in Australia from New Zealand in 1966 as part of a band called Chants R&B. After they broke up, Mike played with one or two Melbourne-based bands, one of which would morph into Daddy Cool. In 1969, he formed a partnership with bass player, the late Bill Putt, with whom he would play until Bill’s untimely death in 2013. Their first group was Spectrum and their first and only chart success as Spectrum was this song – I’ll Be Gone.

I’m not sure what it is about I’ll Be Gone – is it the laconic harmonica playing, is it the simple philosophy that Mike sings about? Whatever it is, it is a great combination and one that has seen this song feature in just about every “Australian Greatest Hits” compilation that has ever been produced.

I am fortunate enough to know Mike through Radio Ga Ga and I must say, this song is really classic Mike. A philosophical approach to life with a wistful and slightly jovial flavour.